The creation of rustic furniture

Nowadays the preparatory process of wood to produce furniture is done with the help of mechanic appliances.

Some decades ago thanks to various modern techniques massive wood is replaced with agglomerating materiales made of cheaper wood like plywood and chipboard refinished on surface with some expensive and precious wood.

Machinery production allows to realise any type of furniture with maximal precision and speed.

The woods that are used more are beechwood, cherry, oak, walnut, chestnut and ash. There are some imported woods like teak, tanganyika, toulipier, wengè and mahogany.

The first step to produce a piece of furniture is the most important and more technique that is a project made with the help of a computer.

Then the carpenters choose the appropriate wood and make a necessary number of parts for this exact piece of furniture.

The next step is varnishing of the parts to assemble. Today the varnishing is an industrial work but not artistic like many years ago.

The last step is the assembling of all varnished parts with the help of necessary tools and accessories.

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