Rustic Furniture, purchase guide.

These are the necessary steps concerning the purchase of rustic furniture:

  • First of all select the furniture items that you like.

  • Then contact us specifying the model codes and the description, your address where we can send the furniture and your contact information.

  • As for the next step you will recive our e-mail to confirm your order where you'll also find our bank data, our contract and the privacy information note. To conclude your order it is necessary to transfer 50 % amount of the total price to our bank account as a confirmation of your purchase. The bank receipt of the money transfer, the contract, the privacy information note must be signed in all their parts and sent by fax at +(39)0141/934659.

  • As soon as we receive all these signed documents (by fax), we will send you e-mail confirming the procedure of the delivery. It takes 30 days time (including saturday and sunday) for the delivery of the furniture items of walnut colour and for the delivery of the furniture items, for all other colours the delivery time is to be accord.

  • When you receive the furniture (we'll phone you 2-3 days before the delivery) you are to pay the rest 50 % of the total amount and the delivery costs in cash.

  • When you receive the furniture and you notice some scretches, defects and any other indications of damage you must let us know this immediately and we will assume our responsibility to change or adjust the item within 20 days time.

  • When you receive the furniture and you notice that the packing material is damaged you have the right to require the new delivery without any additional cost.

  • To make it more clear read our contract.

Idea Mobile staff wishes you to make good purchases of rustic furniture, we are here to move for you.