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Are you looking for an item of rustic furniture and are you tired of going round furniture stores?

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If you need to furnish your house, restaurant or hotel with rustic furniture or if you have an architect and design studio, a real estate office or a house builder organisation, contact us and we will help you to satisfy your demand.

We can offer you a free service of design project, some advice o a price list without any obligation to buy our furniture. Send us via mail a plan with measures of your rooms and we will provide a project for you for free.

We have italian classic and rustic furniture of italian best producers like complete furniture pieces, large and small items of home furnishing, tables and chairs at reasonable prices, furnishing for bars, restaurants, hotels of different styles. We invite you to look through the "catalogue" at the top where you can find our whole range.

To ensure better transparency, we have also made available the procedure for the purchase of our furniture, where you can also find our contract and the information note for the privacy.

We are interested in any cooperation with architect and design studios, real estate offices and house builder organisations all over the world. In the contact section of our web side you can find our contact information to call us directly or to send all your offers and questions.

Idea Mobile staff wishes you to make good purchases of rustic furniture, we are here to move for you.